What You Need to Know About Dental Implants in Spokane, WA

Many dentists, when recommending dental implants to their patients, are forced to send the patient to a completely new practitioner. This leaves too much room for error, in our opinion. Lines can get crossed, records can become mixed and using two practitioners can oftentimes double the cost. For that reason, Dr. López DDS, your local Spokane Dentist, performs all of his dental implant Spokane WA procedures in-house. There will be no referrals, no more trips to other practitioners. When you’re here at Summit Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, your smile and your dental implants are in good hands.

The following information should keep you up-to-date on your upcoming dental implant procedure in Spokane, WA.

Dental Implant Spokane WA – The Initial Procedure

Your Dentist Spokane WA will ensure that you are comfortable and free of discomfort from the beginning of your appointment to the end. We say this because the procedure for dental implants in Spokane WA is a surgical one in nature.

In order for the implant to provide a permanent solution to tooth loss, an artificial root constructed of high-grade composite materials will be implanted into your gum. We then place crowns Spokane WA on top of the artificial root, which provides you with an ultra-realistic, incredibly strong and attractive artificial tooth.

Eating, speaking and smiling will feel natural to you again, no matter how many teeth you have lost. Dental implant Spokane WA is the answer to anyone who has lost one tooth or for someone who has lost all of their teeth. Talk to your dentist Spokane, WA for details.

Leaving Time for the Mouth to Heal

After the initial root is placed, we must allow time for the gum and jaw bone to heal. For that reason, you should expect to come into Summit Family & Cosmetic Dentistry Dr. López DDS in Spokane, WA a couple of times so that we can make sure that everything fits perfectly and looks as real as possible.

The composite materials we use for dental implants in Spokane, WA are designed not to crack or break, and they can stand up just as well or even better than your natural teeth. They can be cleaned with regular toothpaste, just like you’d clean your natural teeth, and they never need to be removed for cleaning.

Keep in mind that dental implants in Spokane, WA may need to be replaced every so often, but usually after a span of ten years or more. If you have any further questions or you’d like to schedule an appointment for dental implants in Spokane, WA, call Dr. López DDS, your local Spokane WA dentist.