Dental Exams

Dental exams are performed by your Spokane dentist using the most advanced technology available today. Our first priority is to ensure that you are of sound oral health, but we don’t just stop there. We also check your face, neck, and other areas to ensure that everything is normal.

Our dental exams are conducted in a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere by dentistry specialists who are known for their friendliness and professionalism. Whatever you need, we can provide as we check for oral health problems and recommend one or more Spokane dental service treatments.

The Latest Dentistry Examination Technology – Spokane, Washington

  • X-Rays
  • Full Evaluations
  • Overview of Your Dental History
  • We Get to Know You, Our Valued Patient!

When you come into our Spokane dentistry office for an exam, we need to ensure that your mouth is free of tooth decay, gum disease, problematic fillings and other abnormalities. If we do find threats to your oral health, we will provide you with a customized preventative health plan. This plan will include treatment options to assist you with your dental problems and improvements, as well as oral hygiene tips that you can use at home.

A Relaxing Spokane Dental Practice for the Entire Family

Dr. Anibal López and his staff offer a relaxing atmosphere that is open to your entire family. Children, parents and grandparents alike should all make appointments for regular dental exams and we’d be honored if your family chose our Spokane dental practice as their family dentist.

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