Spokane Root Canals

At Summit Family & Cosmetic Dentistry Dr. López DDS in Spokane, Washington, we offer root canals for any patients who may have decayed or infected teeth. The root canal procedure is designed to save the tooth in question. The procedure itself involves scooping out the pulp, nerves, bacteria and decay that may reside inside the tooth. The empty space inside the tooth is then filled with special dental materials. The end result is a healthier, stronger tooth that is free of decay or infection.

Root Canal Therapy in Spokane, WA

Do I Have a Root Canal?

Good candidates for root canal therapy in Spokane include patients who may be experiencing severe toothache or sensitivity, or if there is swelling to any of the tissues surrounding the affected tooth. Dr. López and his staff are trained to find the source of the pain and eliminate it using the latest dentistry tools and techniques.

We offer a comfortable atmosphere and friendly staff who will tend to your every need. We can get the pain to stop and can provide you with a solution that leaves your teeth and your confidence intact.

What Are the Common Causes of Root Canals?

Infection & Inflammation

Infection of the pulp tissue of the tooth is one of the most common causes of root canals. If the tooth is left untreated for too long, bacteria will dive deep into the center of the tooth where it can cause an infection.

Tooth Trauma

Bacteria can enter the pulp tissue of the tooth through cracks in your teeth. Contact sports and car accidents are two big causes of root canal implications. If you have faced tooth trauma, it is imperative for your oral health to get in touch with a trusted dentist to protect your smile moving forward.

The Myth of Painful Root Canals

If you have heard bad things about root canals, that they are painful or uncomfortable, realize that the most painful part of a root canal oftentimes happens during the infection stage, before the patient even comes into our Spokane dental office. The root canal procedure, when done right, is often painless.

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