It’s one of those dental procedures that strikes fear in the heart of even the most seasoned dental patient – Tooth Extractions. Here at Summit Family & Cosmetic Dentistry Dr. López DDS wants his patients to feel at ease during all his procedures, whether it’s a teeth cleaning or a root canal. And teeth extractions are no exception.

Two Types of Tooth Extraction Procedures

There are two basic types of tooth extraction. The first kind targets the teeth we can see. These are usually adult teeth that have experienced decay or infection and they need to be removed. Dr. López will use the latest tools and techniques to make sure the tooth extraction process is discomfort-free and over before you know it.

For those teeth that have become impacted under the gumline or that are growing in crooked, we might have to use an incision so that we can have ready access to the tooth in question. In some cases, we may need to split the tooth into one or more pieces. This makes the extraction process far easier than trying to remove the entire tooth at once.

Illustration of a wisdom tooth causing pain and needing extraction

Tooth Extractions in Spokane, Washington – Make An Appointment Today!

If you are experiencing tooth pain, decay or one of your teeth have become broken or cracked, we urge you to call or come into Summit Family & Cosmetic Dentistry Dr. López DDS in Spokane at your earliest convenience. Dr. López and his warm and professional staff will examine your tooth and examine the best course of action for the tooth extraction procedure.

We’ll also make you feel at ease. Our tooth extraction and other dentistry procedures are all performed in-house and our staff has a knack for making patients feel comfortable, even if they were anxious about the procedure beforehand.

Call or come into Summit Family & Cosmetic Dentistry Dr. López DDS in Spokane today for a consultation.

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