Proper Denture Care

A well-fitting denture is a true work of art. In most cases, a properly fitted denture should never require the use of adhesives or pastes to help it stay securely in place throughout the day. If you’ve had problems getting a denture to fit, it most likely needs to be adjusted, re-lined, or be replaced.

Dentures stay in place by creating a natural suction to the surrounding tissues. Taking high-quality impressions of your mouth, allows the denture base to be designed so that it will be flush against every contour of the mouth. As a result, the close fit will hold your prosthesis securely in place for eating, talking, laughing or smiling.

Proper care of your dentures will keep them lasting as long as possible. It’s necessary to take all types of prosthesis out overnight to allow your oral tissues to rest and breathe. Place your dentures in a glass of water with a cleansing tablet, and soak them for several hours. In the morning, brush your dentures with their own toothbrush before placing them back into your mouth. These measures will prevent oral infections, maintain optimal bone height in your mouth, and ensure a longer fit. Wearing the dentures every night can cause bone resorption, which will cause the prosthesis to not fit properly. Also be sure to visit Dr. López twice each year for an oral exam, cancer screening, and to have your denture cleaned. Mild adjustments can be made as needed, to help extend the life of your appliance.

Implant-supported dentures are a newer approach to denture treatment, which allows patients to have a smaller appliance that permanently stays affixed to their dental implants.

If you’re new to having dentures, it can take a while to become accustomed to wearing them all the time. To adjust to comfortable eating and speech, it’s recommended that you wear your denture prosthesis throughout the entire day, acclimating to your new appliance. Within a few weeks, most people will typically be comfortable with normal eating and talking with their new teeth.