Implant-Supported Denture

For some people, their smile is the first thing people notice about them. You may have a lovely smile, but are too afraid to show it off. If missing teeth are having an effect on your confidence and quality of life, you should consider getting dental implants. Dental implants can return your smile back to its former glory, and leave you feeling better about yourself. You do not even have to go very far to get a procedure done. You can get a dental implant procedure done right here in Spokane WA.

Missing teeth can cause far worse problems than confidence issues. It can affect your ability to eat and chew food, which could lead to malnutrition. It can also affect the way you speak. Worst of all, you can be the victim of adult tooth crowding. Considering the problem can not only affect your appearance, but your quality of life as well, dental implants are something you should consider. Dental implants will not only restore your smile, but improve your lifestyle both mentally and physically.

An implant replaces a missing tooth with a porcelain one. It is surgically implanted with a titanium anchor in your gums and jawbone with a procedure that usually takes a couple hours to complete. The new teeth are designed to look and feel like real teeth, and are built to last. Unlike dentures or a bridge, these teeth will feel more natural and last longer. No one will be able to tell they are not natural teeth either. It is an ideal solution to your teeth problems.

If you are missing teeth, you have probably thought about dental implants in Spokane, WA at some point in your life. Whatever reason you have been putting it off, now is the time to do it. Dental implants can give you your smile back, and will increase your level of confidence. It can also save you from further dental and health problems later on. Now is the time to take your life back. Dental implants are available in Spokane WA. Schedule a free consultation today. You will be glad you did.