Stay Cavity Free this Halloween

A table with cakepops on a plate and jars of candy in the background

Are you ready for Halloween?

With just a week left before a flood of trick-or-treaters descend on your doorstep, we’re heading into crunch time. Getting the last few touches up on front-yard decorations and making the last few adjustments to your costume can quickly absorb any free time you have left before Oct. 31st. And with good reason – Halloween is a fun holiday for every age and is often considered the kickoff to the holiday season.

At Summit Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we want you to enjoy your Halloween worry-free. But before you and your family binge on your candy haul, be sure to keep these tricks in mind to protect your smile from cavities or an accidental emergency:

Stick to Chocolates!
Like anything else, all candy is great in moderation. However, some sweets are certainly better for your teeth than others. Lollipops and hard candies in particular are major culprits behind poor oral health. Because these treats can’t be easily eaten without letting it dissolve for an extended period of time, patients are essentially bathing their teeth in sugar, which can increase the risk of cavities and gingivitis.

Rather than putting your teeth at risk, our Spokane dentist recommends opting for chocolates and other softer candies. Not only are Hershey’s and M&Ms easier to chew (limiting the risk of broken teeth), they don’t stick to teeth and any debris left behind is easily washed away from your smile.

Having a Filling or Crown? Keep Away From Caramels
This one is for our teen and adult patients who also enjoy indulging during this spooky season. Caramels, taffy, and other sticky sweets are especially notorious for damaging dental restorations and have been known to pull out fillings and crowns. If you want to avoid an emergency dental visit, stay away from caramels.

Satisfy your Sweet Tooth with an Apple
While treating yourself to sweets every once in awhile is great, it’s easy to go overboard, especially on Halloween. To keep your smile healthy, our dentist in Spokane recommends alternating candy with smile-friendly snacks like celery sticks, apples, and carrots. Not only are these whole fruits and veggies great for your diet, they’re also excellent for your smile!

Remember to Brush & Floss
Whether you’re going out trick-or-treating or planning on sneaking a few treats while passing out candy, remember to brush and floss twice a day! Neglecting important oral hygiene steps, especially after a night of sugary treats can increase your risk of developing oral health problems, including cavities and gingivitis.

Enjoy Your Halloween!
Our team at Summit Family & Cosmetic Dentistry wishes you a safe and happy holiday! If you do happen to experience a dental emergency while enjoying your haul, give Dr. López a call – we’ll fit you in for an emergency visit as soon as possible.