Denture Clinics in Spokane WA – Manufacturing a Perfect Fit

The last thing you want as a denture wearer is a pair of dentures that don’t fit right. Try eating with dentures that are just a tad bit too small. If your prosthetic teeth don’t fall out mid-chew, they’ll move around in your mouth so much that they’ll make it nearly impossible to enjoy a meal. If your dentures are too big, they can cause soreness and they can pop out the moment you try to smile or talk. The bottom line is, your dentures need to fit properly if you hope for them to improve your life. That’s why our denture clinics in Spokane WA focus on a perfect fit so that you can eat, speak and smile just as you did before.

The Most Advanced Materials

Many patients, when they visit our denture clinics in Spokane, WA, think that dentures are supposed to be heavy and cumbersome in the mouth. If that were the case, most denture wearers would be miserable. To make sure your dentures are as comfortable as possible, we only use the lightest, strongest, and most durable materials possible to construct your new teeth and smile. Our goal is to have you forget that you’re wearing dentures at all. It’s a carefree feeling you’ll have to feel for yourself to believe.

Form-Fitting Sessions at Our Dental Clinics in Spokane, WA

We may have you visit Dr. López, DDS, your Spokane Dentist, several times so that we can ensure the most perfect fit for your upper and bottom dentures. This will involve your Spokane WA dentist making a mold of your mouth so that the dentures in Spokane WA can be constructed using your mouth’s dimensions without you having to physically be there.

Most of the work constructing your dentures in Spokane, WA will be done behind the scenes, using that mold as a guide. However, occasionally we may need you to come in to test the dentures to ensure that we are developing the newly constructed teeth exactly to your specifications.

Keep in mind that even the most form-fitting dentures may feel odd at first, and they will take some getting used to. It won’t take long for you to acclimate, however, and soon you’ll be eating your favorite foods, talking with friends, and smiling to your heart’s content, all the while forgetting that you’re even wearing dentures to begin with.

For a more comfortable fit and better-looking dentures in Spokane, WA, come into Summit Family & Cosmetic Dentistry Dr. López DDS today.