Achieving Your Dream Smile In A Day With CEREC

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No one wants to live with damaged teeth longer than they have to. After dental work or due to an accident, cracked or broken teeth can cause risks to your health and be a blemish on your smile. Crowns can take two or more visits and weeks to put in place, leaving gaps and cracks visible and exposed to infection in the meantime. Thanks to advances in technology, like CEREC, we are now able to place your crowns on the same day in many cases. With CEREC, you can walk out of Summit Family & Cosmetic Dentistry with a beautiful smile.

What Is CEREC?

CEREC stands for Ceramic Reconstruction and is a system that allows our Spokane dentist to create your restoration as you wait in the office. Using 3D images and CAD/CAM technology to create a virtual version of your onlay, inlay, crown, or bridge without taking impressions, our in-office milling machine can then create your restoration during that some appointment.

Placing Crowns Before CEREC

The old method of providing ceramic crowns required a few weeks and at least two office visits to create and fit your crown. Dentists had to create a physical impression of the surgical site using an uncomfortable goopy substance, wait for it harden, and use the impression to build a mold of the restoration.

That mold then had to mailed to a laboratory and the patient would have to wait for the lab to send the completed restoration back to the dentist. Another appointment was necessary for placing and fitting the restoration perfectly for the patient’s mouth. CEREC has changed all that making it easier than ever to create your new smile.

Placing Crowns with CEREC

Using our CEREC system Dr. López can create restorations in as little as a few hours while you wait in comfort in our Spokane office. Impressions are taken digitally and recorded for use when building your crown. The process is simple and painless- all you’ll have to worry about is how to enjoy your new smile!

  • Your tooth will be prepared for the digital impression.
  • CEREC intraoral digital camera will scan the site of your new crown and create a perfect 3D copy of the restoration.
  • Dr. López will send that data to a milling machine right here in our office. In a short period of time your crown can be milled as you wait.
  • After your crown has been placed, Dr. López will check to make sure that the restoration fits perfectly with your smile.
  • Any adjustments that are needed are made to ensure that the crown is comfortable and fits properly. The color can also be adjusted to help it match your teeth.
  • One last check is made to ensure the perfect fit and then Dr. López attaches the crown.

Visit Your Implant Dentist In Spokane Today

If you’re looking for ways to enhance your smile, CEREC can help you achieve the results you want in less time. Get back to smiling more! Contact Summit Family & Cosmetic Dentistry to schedule a consultation and see how our same day dentistry can help you!